On June 8th some fifty members of The New Jersey Coalition of Religious Leaders gathered to hear a strategic plan for the Coalition. Within the plan are seeds of opportunities at this unique moment in time as we plan our future together. Indeed, our vision of that future is that the New Jersey Coalition of Religious Leaders will be a unifying force of religious leaders across New Jersey in order to build a just and merciful world.

Strategic Priorities

  1. Cultivate a network of interfaith grasstops religious leaders in New Jersey

    • Facilitate experiences and create tools for Coalition members to build trusting relationships and collaboration
    • Provide meaningful professional development opportunities that address the shared needs and challenges of clergy leaders
    • Build an even more diverse membership especially along the lines of race, gender, and religious affiliation
  2. Become the voice of grasstops religious leaders for policy and systems change in New Jersey

    • Formalize an annual advocacy and legislative agenda for religious leaders in New Jersey
    • Leverage reputation to deepen existing relationships with policymakers and create new connections with state-level legislators
  3. Solidify the Coalition’s role within New Jersey’s interfaith movement

    • Develop an outreach strategy to build relationships with interfaith organizations across the state, connecting the grassroots and grasstops alliances
    • Collaborate with grassroots leaders and organizations on shared advocacy initiatives
    • Strengthen relationships with Seminaries and young faith leaders interested in faith-based advocacy work
    • Create the communications infrastructure to promote the Coalition and its advocacy efforts
  4. Fortify the internal operations of the Coalition

    • Create a tiered membership structure that defines benefits included at each level
    • Diversify funding streams through fundraising and membership fees
    • Develop a governance plan to include staffing and leadership succession

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