Rev. J. Amos Caley

Criminal Justice

New Jersey’s criminal justice policy record is quite bipolar. We are leading in certain categories and failing in others. Let’s make our state a true leader in smart and effective justice, through education, advocacy, and mobilization.

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Rev. Charles Loflin

Environmental Justice

As faith leaders and clergy across many faith traditions, we share the moral obligation to care for and protect all of creation, to love our neighbors, and care for the most vulnerable.

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Rev. Sara Lilja

Economic Justice

Outrage over the plight of people living in poverty is a theme throughout our ancient, sacred texts. “The poor” are those who live precariously between subsistence and user deprivation. It is not poor people themselves who are the problem, but their lack of access to the necessities of life. read more…

Rev. Dr. Charles Franklin Boyer

NJ School Desegregation

A Call to Action for Faith Leaders

Faith leaders can sit at the table with government officials to talk about issues and find solutions in ways that others do not.

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Sarah Blaine

Racial Justice

Throughout our state, decades of federal and state policy have led to a reality in which our statewide demographics are diverse, but the demographics of individuals communities often do not reflect that statewide diversity.

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