Our History.

The history of the Coalition began in 1967 when than New Jersey Governor Richard Hughes called upon religious leaders to address the issue of civil unrest after the devastating Newark riots. Over it’s fifty year history the Coalition has provided opportunities for religious leaders to establish on going relationships of mutual respect and friendship and serve as a moral voice in the state addressing issues of social justice.

Those issues have included integrity in government, racial profiling, criminal justice reform, fair share housing, immigration, environmental justice, prevention of Gun Violence, hate crimes and racial equity. The Coalition membership meets annually with the New Jersey State Governor as well as meetings with elected federal and state Legislators. The Coalition has hosted meetings with noted National Religious Leaders and Religious Educators addressing the challenges that religious institutions are facing.

Our Vision

Vision Statement

The Coalition of Religious Leaders of New Jersey seeks to build informed relationships and collaborate around sacred values uniting us in action towards justice and mercy for the common good.

Our Mission

Mission Statement

In 1968 the Coalition of Religious Leaders of New Jersey was founded in response to the civil unrest in Newark resulting from the civic, social, and political oppression and unjust conditions of that city.

Our Core Values.

The Coalition mobilizes with moral and interfaith action addressing the pressing issues of the day, based on these core values:

Advancing human dignity by exploring matters of faith, religion, and spirituality.

Transforming violent conflict
Promoting inclusive, sustainable, and healthy communities
Protecting the Earth
Fostering innovative lifelong learning for all

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